OVER DREAM, in Seluci near Lauria, is located in the mountains halfway between the two seas of Basilicata in an area personified by tranquillity, clean air and outstanding natural and protected beauty. The restaurant rests in the basin of Cogliandrino with the Sirino mountain range on one side and the Pollino, just a stone's throw away from Mount Alpi, on the other. It is north of Latronico in an unusual area of chalk formation (more typical of Abruzzo and northeast Campania) which yields ornamental alabaster marble. The area is wild and natural with clumps of Loricate pines, meadows and wild flowers.
The tourist or visitor who stops at OVER DREAM, after having been refreshed with the delights of the cuisine of the Filardi brothers, can enjoy the beautiful surrounding area. From here it is possible to travel through the verdant Valle del Noce, the forests of Trecchina and onto Maratea, the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Maratea has been a popular tourist destination since the 1960's and is a place of rare natural beauty where wooded mountains rise from the sea. Thanks to its unusual geographical position Maratea has remained unchanged over the years consequently retaining its natural charm.
Basilicata is an area privileged by nature and walkers are spoilt for choice with Canicella Woods and the many paths running through the Pollino National Park where you can either walk alone or accompanied by a guide. There are many thermal springs in this region with water and mud used for healing and well-being. A few kilometres from here you can find the spa at Latronico which has been using the curative properties of its hot sulphurous waters since prehistoric times. In short, southern Basilicata is a paradise where you will be surrounded everything you need to help you relax, outstanding hospitality and good, local food.
OVER DREAM is accessible by rail with stations at Sapri and Maratea.

By car (from the Tyrrenian Coast): Follow the Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway and take the Lauria Nord exit. After the exit take the main road towards Sinnica and Latronico. OVER DREAM is on the right, 50metres after the 5.500 kilometre mark.

By car (from the Ionian Coast): Take the Jonica road (number 106), take the Sinnica exit near Policoro from both Taranto and Reggio Calabria. OVER DREAM can be found just before the 5.500 kilometre mark on the left